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Ideation Workshop

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Here are some points and outcomes of the workshop for Ideation Management we always discuss with our clients

  • they might be as well interesting for you to dicuss and reflect with your team before you jump on a idea Management solution
  • all ideas are interesting, but are they as well important for the Company
  • creativity is importand, by creating idea is a skill you have or you don’t, but transforming the idea into reality is another Thing
  • zero training, self-explanatory is often required – just jumping on it and it works
  • what should you/we consider as idea
  • what can the company expect
  • what are the cost savings
  • do we have new market opportunities
  • to quantify, is better then faster cheaper, which means actually nothing for many companies
  • when faster; how much faster will it be?
  • when cheaper: how much cheaper will it be?
  • identify if your idea is worth for investigating





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