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Idea Market

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Idea Market is a new module in Mazzum as a sourced marketplace for ideas that solve everyday problems and uncover interesting new opportunities. With the new feature people can invest and pledge money or Points to an idea.


  • Eventually introduce something like an Idea Market whereby colleagues could virtually “invest” in ideas.
  • Similar to Kickstarter: you can pledge Money, we call Mazzum Coins
  • Define the rules as Admin what happens with the pledged Money, when the idea expires
    • stock up the Mazzum coins from user Mazzum Balance
    • deduct the Mazzum coins from users Mazzum Balance
  • Define the Mazzum Joins a new user will get when he joins the community
  • Find great ideas already backed by investors
  • Fund Ideas
  • Are you an investor? Found Ideas and find qualified founders faster.
  • Bring Ideas To Life!
  • And earn equity in the great startups.

Mazzum Idea Market



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