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Idea Management Solution

Mazzum is an Idea Management Solution for SharePoint and Office 365

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Features Idea Management Solution

  • Post idea
  • Comment an idea
  • Vote and Unvote an Idea
  • Repputation Setting
  • Pointing and rewarding
  • Gamification
  • Mazzum Coins
  • Challenges
  • Innovation managers
  • Idea Market
  • Pledge Money
  • Be rewared by the Innovation Managers Decision
  • Badges
  • Medals and throphies
  • Workflows
  • Mobile App
  • Power App
  • Delve Integration
  • Office 365 Integration


Mazzum for SharePoint is an ideation solution for SharePoint Online Office 365 developed by ACAR in Switzerland. Mazzum brings together all kinds of awesome features to make Office 365 and SharePoint better for you.

It’s never been more important to hear the voice of your valuable staff. By harnessing your team’s collective wisdom, Mazzum helps that next innovative idea become the winning product that beats your competition to market.

Managing ideas may seem a strange concept to some. Do ideas need to be managed? Surely if someone has a great idea they will tell the boss and it will be seized upon and implemented straight away. And if it’s not implemented it means it was a rubbish idea anyway, right?

Sadly not true, all too often ideas get lost, remain unspoken and forgotten about. Generating ideas is generally not a problem for most companies, but managing the ideas is. This is where idea management comes in….

Idea management puts a structure to the process of collecting and capturing ideas within an organization or community.

idea Management solution


Using gamification to innovate can bring your business to the next level
“Innovation is the specific tool of the entrepreneur.” A big challenge for every business, though, is how to drive engagement in innovation beyond the startup phase.

Innovation expert Peter Meyer believes social-media gamification is the answer. “Social media has a key role to play in helping engage people once you’ve got their initial attention,” he writes in his new book, Social Media for Corporate Innovators and Entrepreneurs: Add Power to Your Innovation Efforts. “Many people might visit your community page or Like your Facebook page after seeing a tweet, for example, but how do you sustain that initial interest so they come back again and again and become active, committed members of your community? One increasingly popular strategy is gamification.”

Gamification is the technical term for applying game-design characteristics to content and applications that aren’t games. Typical gamification elements include such things as achievement badges, achievement levels, leader boards, virtual currency, points that can be traded or cashed in and progress bars or other visual meters to encourage people to complete a task.

Research by Gartner says, which predicts that more than half of all companies which manage innovation processes will gamify those processes by 2015.

“Some companies will want to test gamification with employees before taking it to a broader ecosystem,” they say. We describe how the Institute for the Future, a nonprofit research group, uses social-media gamification for generating ideas about possible future scenarios: Participants tweet their messages and are rewarded with points and badges.

“Game mechanics can encourage employees to dip their toes into new activities,” we beleive. “Gamification has the potential to eliminate cultural or status biases that can skew outcomes. For instance, when higher-ranking employees (i.e., bosses) dominate discussions about innovation projects, other no-less-valuable voices may not be heard or given equal weight. Innovation games can help avoid these mistakes.”

Gamification can also encourage collaboration and constructive competition. Take the case of Venture Spirit, an online business game that engages hundreds of people and invites them to work together to solve innovation challenges. Details how the company grew out of the “Battle of Talents,” an annual student competition to discover Belgium’s most promising entrepreneurial talents. Since the formation of the company in 2010, leading companies have used the Venture Spirit concept to tackle their specific innovation and cultural challenges.

“From the start, Venture Spirit was designed to be a game,” Lindegaard says. “Gamification is really the key to success. Call upon people’s basic instincts, give them the freedom to operate, let them experience and enjoy and create winners!”

Mazzum is a Trademark of ACAR Switzerland.

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