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You are an executive director of a thriving company but you have run out of ideas on how to improve your business or you are facing an issue that is hard to solve. Ideas come and go and even the greatest of minds in your engineering department can run out of ideas. Sometimes it can feel like a dead-end situation, that there is no solution.

Stagnation is something that all innovative business have to face once in a while but each situation is unique. So how can you find the best solution to your specific problem?

There is a door in every room, one just have to find it. If you are looking for new ideas that would improve your innovation business, try Mazzum. The Innovation management solution helps solution seekers publish their needs, collect and validate ideas from problem solvers, and enrich and mature the best ideas into proposals. Ultimately, it helps you make the Go/No-Go decisions with confidence

Every innovative organization has unique requirements to fulfill the idea management process. Your best minds can contribute and help launch radical innovations or brilliant incremental ideas.

You can evaluate the potential of these ideas and let the best projects turn into successful products or improvements. Sounds like a dream, right?

People working on new ideas can find the right experts when they need them.

Participants can be rapidly responsive to the issues your organization faces in today’s competitive business environment.

You don’t have to browse through numerous specialists and their portfolios to find the best idea to your specific request. Mazzum is a centralized tool for broad community so you can post your problem and let experts give you suggestions right away. You can evaluate, organize and prioritize the ideas to find the best solution to your issue. The social aspect of Mazzum generates creative atmosphere and can sometimes be addictive. “People want to be part of something good”. Some people have spent nights brainstorming and coming up with original and effective ideas. It is so fun to use! It is an illusion that good ideas simply pop up when asked for. Ideas have to grow over time to become the great ideas that you are looking for. works on SharePoint platform and is very easy to use. All that is done for you already.  Once you join Mazzum idea management system, you will be able to easily obtain good innovations that lead to good products.

Mazzum is available for SharePoint Online, Office 365, WINDOWS Azure, as well on premise.

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