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Features List of Mazzum SharePoint Version 3.0

Search for ideas

Search Box




 Submit your Idea




  • Idea Title
  • Add idea image
  • Add tags
  • Add categories
  • Add Location
  • Add Document
  • Connect to Social Platforms


Connect to Social Platform

Social connector








  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yammer
  • SharePoint MySite (Newsfeedwebpart)


Landing Page Ideas Listed

Landing Page





  • Vote / Unvote
  • Show Comments
  • Add Comments
  • Delete Comments


Top Idea Makers WebPart, with Filter Option

Top Idea Makers









Filter Ideas

Filter ideas





Idea Detail Page

Idea Detail Page






  • Edit Idea
  • Add to Favorites
  • Add Comments
  • Report Abuse (unsuitable idea, should not be visible, ideas in standby, Spam)
  • Pledge Money (Idea Market)


Idea Details Page Actions

idea detail page actions









Pledge Money (Idea Market)

Pledge Money









Idea Detail Page Tabs

idea detail page tabs






  • Documents
  • Tags
  • Comments

Leader Board Page






Profile Page

Profile Page





  • Sumary Page (number of Ideas, ideas listed)
  • Ranking Points
  • Coins
  • Medals and trophies
  • About Tab
  • Investment on Ideas Tab
  • Points redemption


Challanges Page

challanges page





  • Add new challange
  • add coments
  • reply to an challange with an idea
  • category Filter
  • Location Filter


Dashboard Page

Dashboard Page








Innovation page

innovation page




  • idea Review
    • Location Filter, all ideas which are expired are listed here
  • reported ideas
    • all ideas which the users reported anything are listed here
  • requested ideas
    • all ideas where Content approval is set on are listed here, waiting for approval
  • idea Portfolio
    • all ideas where idea Manager has taken decision in first Evaluation are listed here
  • Evaluation
    • all ideas where idea Manager has taken 2 decision after Portfolio are listed here


Admin Page

Admin Page





  • General tab
  • category tab
  • challange and social tab
  • notification tab
  • pointing reward system
  • activate ideation
  • Innovation managers
  • virtual coins (Mazzum coins for for idea market)
  • Store (mini store where collected points can be redeemed by end users)



Pointing Rewarding System

pointing rewarding system







User can collect Points for the following Actions. Admin can set the values in the Admin Page. Medals and Throphies can be achieved. Admin sets the values in Admin Page.

  • new Idea
  • Ideas to a challange
  • Votes
  • Comments

Mazzum Coins

User can invest Mazzum Coins in ideas. This is part of the Idea Market Feature of Mazzum.

Mazzum Coins







  • Each new user joining the Mazzum platform gets a certain amounf of Mazzum coins
  • Admin can individully add at any time coins to an user account
  • After an idea expires, the Innovation Manager evaluates the idea and takes decision what should happen with the idea
  • based on the decision by the Innovation Manager taken, the Mazzum coins are newly calculated by formulas, which can be set in the Admin panel
  • The user can reeedem the coins to points
  • Points can be reedemed in the Mazzum Shop by the end user


Mazzum Shop

Mazzum Store








Mazzum Gamification: General Improvements

This Features can be optionaly activated when:

1.Post to newsfeed when someone earns a trophy or medal
2.Post to newsfeed when someone creates a new challenge
3.Post to newsfeed when someone comments on an idea