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Idea Tagging is an process to categorize you posted idea by using any term for the idea.  Notes and tags about content can make it easier for people to find and share relevant content and find knowledgeable people. Notes to other people can help encourage informal dialog, and enable people to easily connect to new ideas…

Mazzum Idea Page

Idea Page Detail

With Mazzum, every idea has its own page where people from across the company can collaborate and speak up when they know an improvement can be made by adding discussions, attaching new documents, voting and interacting with that idea.

Mazzum Submit Form

Post an Idea

Its easy to post an idea. 3 mouse clicks and an idea is posted to the SharePoint Mazzum ideation platform. So your community users, clients can start to vote and comment the ideas. Social integration with Yammer, Mob App and Newsfeed Web part is available.

mazzum Vote


The voting system is easy to understand and transparent to customers· For example, it allow one vote per customer per idea, and allow customers to retract their vote if they change their mind?


What is the solution about? What is Mazzum

Mazzum for SharePoint is an ideation solution for SharePoint Online Office 365 developed by ACAR in Switzerland. Mazzum brings together all kinds of awesome features to make Office 365 and SharePoint better for you. It’s never been more important to hear the voice of your valuable staff. By harnessing your team’s collective wisdom, Mazzum helps…