Mazzum Submit Form

Categorize Ideas

Mazzum lets you to define categories and topics to organize your ideas and filter against them. And since Mazzum is delivered as a site solution, you can create multiple innovation communities to further organize all your information. SharePoint Term Store can be used for Enterprise keywords. (available only in the Farm Solution)

Mazzum Profile

User Profiles

Mazzum profiles aggregate all information and contributions associated with each person (including their ideas, comments and votes and Favorites). Profile pages allow you to even see information about the person’s background and contact information to connect with them. You can also follow people directly from their profile page.



A little bit of healthy competition is a great motivator. Mazzum keeps track of team contributions and also lets you identify influential innovators. It stack ranks the most active contributors.

Mazzum Add Comments

Comments and Discussions

Easily add comments to specific ideas and/or exchange feedback with others. Mazzum also supports the ability to “like” comments and sends out notifications when someone comments about your ideas. To keep everyone in the loop, you can add comments to specific ideas and/or exchange feedback with others. Mazzum also supports the ability to “like” comments…


Yammer Integration

Yammer integration: Enterprise social collaboration platform where employees post and share information on best practices, competitors, and recent projects.  Yammer is a private social network that helps you and your company stay on top of it all. Get connected to the right people, share information across teams and organize around projects so you can go further…


SharePoint Newsfeed App

The SharePoint Newsfeed app—now available for Windows Phone and iOS mobile devices—is the best way to stay connected and be productive while on the go. With the SharePoint Newsfeed app you can view and post to newsfeeds and follow people in your organization to stay informed about their activities using your Windows Phone.  

Mazzum Mobile

Mazzum Mobile: Be innovative everywhere and any time by connecting your favorite mobile device to your innovation platform. evaluate ideas, grow concepts, and manage projects?



The Mazzum platform can easily be customized, all you need a SharePoint skills. The Installation and deployment is very easy. As a sandboxed Solution it can be easily deployed and activated. No Server Administrators needed to run complex scripts. As an site collection Administrator its as easy as uploading a document to a library. You…

Mazzum Workflows


Workflows promote any ideas with more than 10+ votes for sample to an opportunity. And opportunities can become one day to product ideas. Management can see the transparent process. And follow up, what is going on in your business. What ideas are hot which are flop. Custom Workflows can be added (SharePoint Designer). In the…