Mazzum Idea Pointing and Awarding System


Using gamification to innovate can bring your business to the next level “Innovation is the specific tool of the entrepreneur.” A big challenge for every business, though, is how to drive engagement in innovation beyond the startup phase. Innovation expert Peter Meyer believes social-media gamification is the answer. “Social media has a key role to…

Mazzum Idea Market

Idea Market

Idea Market is a new module in Mazzum as a sourced marketplace for ideas that solve everyday problems and uncover interesting new opportunities. With the new feature people can invest and pledge money or Points to an idea.   Eventually introduce something like an Idea Market whereby colleagues could virtually “invest” in ideas. Similar to…

Steve Tobak

Where Does Innovation Come From?

The theme of Vanity Fair’s inaugural New Establishment Summit in San Francisco was “The Age of Innovation.” As overblown and overhyped as the word is these days, even a cynic like me has to admit it would be nice to know where innovation actually comes from. Perhaps it’s even more important to understand where innovation…

How to Manage Innovation

How to Manage innovation Innovation has become management’s new imperative.  Everybody wants to be the next Apple, Google, Netflix , nobody wants to be Kokak, Blockbuster or US Steel. Go to any conference these days and some whip-smart technogeek will declare that you must, “innovate or die,” and then dazzle you a wide array of…



See how many ideas has been posted. How many comments and idea has got. See the number of new ideas, the number of innovative ideas in the Mazzum Dashboard.

Mazzum Challenges


In today’s dynamic & competitive business environment companies must innovate in all areas of the business.  Innovation is no longer about finding the one new “killer” product – it is about identifying and implementing innovative new ideas that will provide real value to the company products, services, customer experience, marketing, internal process and more.